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 Sir Galleth Cooper

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Sir Galleth Cooper Gallet12

RP Status: Available
Name: Sir Galleth Cooper
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Species: Raccoon
Time Period: 13-14th Century England
Gang: Founder and leader of 'The Knights of the Cooper order'
Weapon(s): Sword, Lance cane, however is able to use a bow
Occupation: Day: Knight of the Kings court/Actor Night: Thief
Hobbies: Acting, Jousting, practicing Chivalric code, Charming Maidens, Juggling(even if emerged from being imprisoned)
Likes: Music, Plays, Dancing, Although he won't admit it Magic, Getting into Coils and eventually fighting
Dislikes: Being Patient, Ankle-Biter sized Dragons

Abilities: Catapult-Crash, Shield-Dash, Archery, Swordsmanship

Personality: Bombastic, Over confident, Flamboyant, Arrogant, Rather goofy and humorous, Temperamental(can act a bit childish over matters) and Charming

"If thou does not foreknow of what legends and tales I hath brought with my valiant heroism then it brings me that of a heavy heart for I am after all a renown Knight within the Thievius Raccoonus"

"There's far to many to choose for I am not one to pick but 'tis common for me to shout 'FORSOOTH!', Aye?"

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Sir Galleth Cooper
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