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 Celebrity Voices...

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Celebrity Voices... Empty
PostSubject: Celebrity Voices...   Celebrity Voices... Empty3/17/2013, 11:57 pm

I know Grey Delisle is kind of a celebrity herself for voicing Carmelita Fox.
But she's strictly a voice actress.

Suppose Sly, the gang and his ancestors got actual celebrities to do the voices. That's some real Dreamworks stuff right there. XD And it wouldn't be for a game obviously. Kind of like if they did a Sly Cooper movie.

Well here are a few I think would work.

SLY COOPER - Cool, smooth talking, a lady's man and seems active and prideful.
IDEAL CELEBRITY VOICE - George Clooney. Aside from his usual 'Ocean's Eleven' roles, he also did the voice of Fantastic Mr. Fox. An older version of Sly (which given the game's time span is inevitable.) should use George Clooney's smooth talking voice.

TENNESSEE KID COOPER - Witty, a real lady killer, and a fast talker.
IDEAL CELEBRITY VOICE - Johnny Depp. A choice based off the movie Rango. Johnny Depp is very versitile and can be anything when he projects his characters. To be honest he could be ANY of the Coopers. But ideally he should be Tennessee Kid Cooper. It just seems a more natural fit for him.

SIR GALLETH COOPER - Noble, somewhat shakespearean, and overly full of his hamminess.
IDEAL CELEBRITY VOICE - Ewan McGregor. Ewan plays a lot of "Valiant" roles where he sounds dignified but deep down you know he's poking fun at the dialogue he's scripted to recite. (Obi Wan in particular.) It seems like a role he can project his proper English accent while making fun of the dialogue: which is what I got from Sir Galleth.

BOB COOPER - Based off grunts and gestures.
IDEAL CELEBRITY VOICE/MOTION ACTOR - Andy Serkis. From Gollum to King Kong, Andy Serkis has brought to life characters that emote with more than just words. Bob Cooper would be mostly grunts but they would motion capture him to get his expressions and movements down to define his character. For that get Andy Serkis. Not really a celebrity; but the guy you need to bring a nearly silent character to life through motion and gesture.

For Carmelita Fox it's a tough choice: it would be between Selma Hayek or Jessica Chastain. (I'd go with Hayek simply because Chastain would sound too young for her.) Who knows maybe even...Catherine ZZzzzzzeta Jonesssss!!
That's the issues with Carmie: there's just so many actresses who could easily play her. XD

Rioichi Cooper by all rights should have been voiced by Mako. Sadly he passed away and it's hard thinking of anyone with that type of accent to pull it off.
Anyone else got some ideas?
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Celebrity Voices...
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