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 The Black Knight (SPOILERS)

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PostSubject: The Black Knight (SPOILERS)   The Black Knight (SPOILERS) Empty3/3/2013, 5:56 am

So, as you might have guessed, this is a topic about Penelope and how did she turn into a "bad guy". I wasn't actually really shocked by this (spoilers in leaked "Bentley's Helpline"), but still, seeing how insensitive and avid Penelope was in Thieves in Time... it was just wrong for me. It's like she wasn't herself. Her moves have also shown, that even if good in making machinery and engineering, she's just a total idiot.

I understand her anger when Bentley refused to make and sell weapons (on wich they would've actually earn a lot of money), but seriously... they had a time machine! They could've made anything (and earn those Penelope's lovely dollars). And even if she was crazy about those weapons - she could've send Bentley to the local shop and while alone use the time machine to travel back in time herself and make her plans real. Helping Dr. M would be a good idea - Bentley have already met Penelope, and "with Cooper out of the way" it would be easier to make him betray Sly's values.

But for some reason, she teamed up with Le Paradox (they both wanted to be really influential, so their goals collided), what made things more complicated, even if she got technological support. Also, by helping him she allerted the Cooper Gang and caused it's reunion! Seeing how blind she was in planning this, she must've been brainwashed, or Sanzaru just couldn't imagine a better plot twist than making her evil.

Also, I've a small (althrought strange for most people) theory about Penelope's future. Seeing how much she hated Sly, I'm starting to think... she's Clockwerk! Well, not yet but I think she can build the armor and hate chip in Sly 5 (if it's coming) for some owl allied with her, but after complications in her plans, in desperation she will jump in and become our greatest enemy. Of course, as the good guys always win, she/he will be sent to the far past (even time of dinosaurs). There, she will promise herself revenge on Sly, but as the time will pass, she will forget about everything, except that she really hate someone. Then, after meeting past Cooper (probably Slytunkhamen), she will start to remember some thing from the past (or rather future), and realize, it's Cooper family that she's loooking after. Of course, it's just a theory.

By the way, it's my first post here, so... hello everyone Smile
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The Black Knight (SPOILERS) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Black Knight (SPOILERS)   The Black Knight (SPOILERS) Empty3/3/2013, 10:51 pm

Nice to see a new post by a new person. I have moved your topic to the correct place in the forum.

I've seen this theory on tumblr, perhaps by you as well, but I don't think sanzaru would mess with the series that much.

i didn't like how Penelope turned or even how simple her boss fight was for being the brains but I'm lucky I never really cared for her. I have things to say but not much time right now I will update this with more later

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The Black Knight (SPOILERS)
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