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 One Eye Cooper

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RP Status: Available
Name: Captain Henriette "One-Eye" Cooper
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 3"
Species: Raccoon
Time Period: 17th Century
Gang: Crew of the ship Raging Raccoon (I actually cannot remember the name I originally gave her ship)
Weapon(s): Dagger with crook end, flintlock
Occupation: Pirate Captain, master thief
Hobbies: Stealing from other pirates, yelling at her lazy crew, inspecting stolen goods and target practice with the flintlock
Likes: Music, drinking, the sea, and anything shiny.
Dislikes: Stupid fantasy stories about monsters in the sea and when my crew gets too drunk to function!!

Cannonball dive (acts as a living cannonball and takes out the enemy from the air), rolling charge (goes into a roll when charging to knock down the enemy), backstab

Henriette is a fairly secretive person who tends to react somewhat coldly to strangers, only warming up to friends who don't ask too many questions. She is happiest when listening to music or working on her maps, and violent when alone on unknown grounds. She enjoys a good fight but will try to steer clear if she can when it comes to a heist. Henriette trusts very few people and tends to be an introvert.

Henriette grew up in a small town with her father, mother and older brother. Her father and brother were fishermen so they went out often, leaving Henny alone with her mother. Henriette was a very attractive young lady who loved to flirt and joke around with the boys in the town, making her unpopular with most girls and even a couple married women. Her eye was taken shortly before she ran away from home and joined a pirate ship as a cook, slowly going up the ranks to become a captain. It is uncertain how she lost her eye, but some say it was a jealous girl or wife of a man who had taken to sending Henny gifts and flowers nonstop.
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One Eye Cooper
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