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 Rioichi enemy Takiyasha

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Rioichi enemy Takiyasha Mitsukuni_by_shinragod
RP Status: [Available]
Name: Takiyasha Horo
Age: 54
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Species: Nekomata (A mythical cat with two tails.)
Time Period: (Past: Feudal Japan)
Gang: (Keepers of the 'Orbs of Balance')
Weapon(s): Summons, spells, taking control of the dead.
Occupation: Keeper of the 'Earth Orb.'
Hobbies: Conjuring spirits, inflicting curses, collecting souls.
Likes: Ghosts, magic, bringing misery and fear to people, living alone.
Dislikes: Cleansing spells, monks, soy beans.


A master of dark arts and summoning the dead. The power of the 'Earth Orb' allows her to have control over the ground from which the dead may rise. She can also inflict curses, conjur up spells, and in rare instances even transform. As a nekomata she is born with the ability to control ghosts once summoned,.


Cold, uncaring and selfishly cruel.


Born in a rather peaceful village, she was immediately cast out when the villagers discovered she had two tails. Alone she began hearing voices and soon found they came from the spirits around her. After communicating with the dead she soon began dabbling in black magic to learn how to control them. Soon ghosts and oni began to follow her until she used them to take revenge on the village who threw her out. She soon claimed residence to the town pagoda where it housed the 'Earth Orb': a mystical sphere that belong to a group of four magical orbs that kept harmony and peace. The Earth Orb originally was used to help make the town fertile and lush. When Takiyasha gained control of it: she used it to summon the dead and decay sat in turning her lush island home into a desolate place. The orb gave her more power and she coveted it and turned her new home into an island fortress where she commands the spirits and oni to do her wishes.

Quote: "The dead speak to me and obey my commands. You cannot defeat one who controls death."
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Rioichi enemy Takiyasha
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