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 A Must Read, Lament of Carmalita, and the Dawn of Progeny series

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PostSubject: A Must Read, Lament of Carmalita, and the Dawn of Progeny series   2/21/2013, 9:16 pm

This fic I'm going to link you too, is not by me, let me put that out right now. I only wish I was this good at writing. Not only is this guy super talented with this work, but he's even getting published for his real work. So If you've got a few hours and you want some amazing stories, you need to check all of these out.
Seriously if you don't your just missing out

So since I doubt Kit-Karamak will come by here any time soon to do this, I felt like I should share his work with you all. He als does a lot of Star Fox stuff, Links to his FF.net profile and Facebook below.

-FF Net- and -Facebook-

The Dawn of Progeny Trilogy as I like to call it

Book 1: Lament of Carmelita -Here-

Summery pulled off FF.net
Quote :
This story is finished! Starting with nightmares about Sly Cooper's death, Carmelita sets out to find him and make sure that someone else doesn't kill her prized catch. THANK YOU for all the reviews! read BOTH sequels, Spy Cooper and Dawn of Progeny! edit- A reader requested that I change it to "M". 9/27/2012

Book 2: Spy Cooper -Here-

My Summery for you since his doesn't really say much:
Following the evens of Lament of Carmelita, Sly gets contracted by the CIA to steal something, but hes already promised Carmelita that he wont steal anything anymore so that they can be a couple. Romantic tensions are high as Sly and Carmelita try to figure out whats going on on a remote island, and Sly tries to gain her finger...

Book 3: Dawn of Progeny

My Summery again:
Taking place a quite a few years after the end of the Spy Cooper, Carmelita and Sly have a family, and they have their own place hidden away in the Alps, but things are not calm in their lives, while on an assignment for Interpol, Carmelita and Sly go missing. Now, Their 14 year old son, Connor Cooper sets out to build a new gang of thieves and track down his parents. No Matter What...

He also has a holiday series that he updates every Valentines day and Christmas, its separate from his other Sly cooper work, but it shows a budding romance between the two, its a quick read to get through it all, but its a great bit of fluff and romance for ya.

It starts with a -A Cooper Christmas- and alternates between -Sly Cupid- So start with Christmas and then Cupid, then just alternate between the two to get the full story.

You won't be disappointed with any of his work. I sure as heck wasn't.

- Emile
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A Must Read, Lament of Carmalita, and the Dawn of Progeny series
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