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 Sergeant Tabby IronFang - The Sharpshooter

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Sergeant Tabby IronFang - The Sharpshooter Empty
PostSubject: Sergeant Tabby IronFang - The Sharpshooter   Sergeant Tabby IronFang - The Sharpshooter Empty2/20/2013, 6:50 pm

Sergeant Tabby IronFang - The Sharpshooter Tumblr_mi7ajbM01W1qhgpd6o1_1280
RP Status: N/A
Name: Tabitha (Tabby) IronFang
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Species: Standard housecat
Time Period: Present
Gang: The Cooper Gang
Weapon(s): Robotic Arm capable of turning into various firearms, usually stick with a mid-range rifle, sniper rifle, or rocket launcher.
Occupation: Leader of a mercenary army
Hobbies: Military exercises, practicing on firing ranges, jogging, and of all things; cooking
Likes: Destruction, stomping out crime lords, working out, making a successful meal, electroswing(music genre), and...Murray. Heheheh.
Dislikes: Interpol, slavery, egomaniacs, having her plans shut down

Abilities: Tabby is able to railwalk/railslide and climb ropes akin to Sly, but cannot do any other Cooper based abilities. She has a vertical and horizontal wall run to aid her platforming as well. As mentioned, she is capable of long range attack with her gun arm. Her rocket launcher mode is especially devastating, but it leaves her vulnerable for a short time while her arm changes back, and attracts the attention of any guards nearby due to how loud it is. She's also capable of some deadly melee combo kicks, but her strength is still in her guns.

Personality: Tabby comes across as very militant at first. She insists on being called Sergeant IronFang and will refuse to address you if you call her by her first name until you've earned her trust/respect. She's a very take charge woman who enjoys a good fight, but knows the dangers and responsibilities of taking missions on the field. Off the field, she's a bit more relaxed, usually partaking in some cooking to de-stress after a long day of field work. She's also a chronic napper when off-duty, she is a cat after all.

Background: Tabby grew up with her big brother, Nathan, as her parental figure. Because of this, Tabby grew up in a constant military atmosphere. Nathan was the original Sergeant IronFang, and Tabby idolized him and his 9 Lives Brigade, a small group of elite feline soldiers. It wasn't long before Tabby was old enough to join the brigade, but she still relied on her big brother for guidance. During one mission, while hiding out in a trench, a grenade fell onto the brigade, and Nathan immediately threw himself on it to save his troops. Tabby reached out to him to try and save him, and lost her right arm in the blast. Her brother had obviously died as well. Tabby fell into a depression while she had her robotic arm built, and mourned her brother. The 9 Lives Brigade split up, one of their members making his own mercenary army with less than pure intentions (El Jefe), and the other went on to join Interpol for reasons unknown (Neyla). When Tabby received her arm and new title of Sergeant, she built up a shell around her, and was a firm, unyielding military leader. During a deployment in the Philippines, Tabby was captured by the crime lord she had sought to stop in a small village. The war came to a standstill, until the Cooper Gang showed up, needing Tabby's help to bust into the Cooper Vault. After Murray broke Tabby out of her hole in the ground of a prison cell, and helped her fight her way to getting her arm back; she agreed to help the Cooper Gang, as he had impressed her with his combat skills. But not before they helped her take out the crime lord and save the village.
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Sergeant Tabby IronFang - The Sharpshooter
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