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 Conway Cooper (Not Finished yet)

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Conway Cooper (Not Finished yet)  Empty
PostSubject: Conway Cooper (Not Finished yet)    Conway Cooper (Not Finished yet)  Empty2/20/2013, 3:16 am

Conway Cooper (Not Finished yet)  You__ll_be_in_my_heart_by_jennissycooper-d3h0nem

Conway with his Son Gabriel
(Art by: JennissyCooper)

RP Status: [Not Available]
Name: Conway Cooper
Age: (Depends XD) 28-48
Gender: Male
Height: 6’1
Species: Raccoon
Time Period: Alternate timeline after Sly 3
Gang: Never in a gang
Weapon(s): Silver cane, mostly his fist and feet
Occupation: Thief, Ex-Interpol Agent
Likes: His family and Phil Collins XD
Dislikes: Rory (you’ll learn more about him later)

Conway wasn’t gifted with the abilities like his little brother Sly was, he can’t do half the moves in the Thievius Raccoonus. However Conway does have his own style of doing things, he’s an innovator with all the moves he does know.

Conway can be cool and laid back, but he can be a hothead which gets him into a lot of trouble. He likes to think before he reacts, unless he’s mad.

- What kind of setting did your character grow up in?
From birth to age 11 he lived with his parents and little brother sly, from 11 to 15 he lived in a mental hospital

- Does your character have any siblings or immediate family?
Sly Cooper (Little Brother), Serena (wife), Gabriel (son)

- Are there any events that majorly impacted your character?
The Death of his and Sly’s parents, when he and Sly reunited after 17 years.
Quote: (optional)

Conway was born into a family of master thieves. He is the oldest son of Connor Cooper and the older brother of Sly Cooper. Through out his childhood Conway tried to learn the abilities that it took to become a master thief, however it took Conway longer to learn a skill than it would normally for a Cooper. When he saw how fast his little brother could master the skills, he became a little jealous. Despite the jealously he had for Sly, the two brothers where very close. Playing pirates everyday, trying to sneak snacks to their bedroom without their mother finding out and anything else two little naughty raccoons would do. Conway and Sly where planning on becoming a two man Cooper gang, they where going to see the world together and steal as much priceless items as they can…however faith had a different plan.
The night the fiendish five attack the Cooper house hold, Connor try to get his boys to a safe spot to hide. However only Sly was able to get into the closet, poor Conway was to suffer the faith of his parents. Conway was scratched through his left side of his face and half of his right ear was sliced off by clockwerk. After the attack was finished, the five and even sly thought the little raccoon was dead. When the policed arrived and took Sly to the local orphanage, Conway was placed in a body bag and placed in the back of a ambulance. Half way to the hospital, Conway awoke in the body bag screaming. Once he was able to get out of the body bag, his eyes laid upon the bodies of his dead parents, scaring the child.
The Doctors believed Conway was too mentally broken now to be with his little brother at the orphanage, so they shipped him off to a mental hospital to spend the rest of his life. His life at the hospital was a nightmare for him. Not only was Conway scarred because of the mental images of his dead parents and voices of the fiendish five haunting him, the doctors at the hospital treated the poor child like trash. Conway was rarely feed all three meals a day, and never saw the light of day. This was driving the raccoon more and more mad by the day.
At age 15 Conway set up a plan to escape once and for all. One day as the two doctors who treated him like trash the most enter his room to give him his food and cause him trouble, Conway stab one of them in the hand and knocked him out with a round house and slamming the other one against the wall to knock him out. Conway hid the two doctors under his bed, took one of their outfits and was able to walk out of the hospital and to freedom.
From there on Conway was on his own and he was pretty much homeless. Conway would steal a few things but never put them up on the thief Market. Conway would once and while see his little brother at work, but he never came in contact with his little brother, believing Sly’s life is better without him.
It was hard for Conway to think clearly about anything, his mental images of the night of the five’s attack haunted him every night and day. Hearing the voices of the five was driving him insane, Conway couldn’t take it anymore. He set up a plan to get his revenge and end it all. He was going to kill the remaining Fiendish five members and than himself.
Before he could go through with his plan he had to talk with his brother one last time. He heard about Sly giving up being a thief to be with Carmelita Fox. He heard Sly was now a father of two, soon to be three children. He also learned about Sly becoming a Interpol agent and that he was on guard duty at a local museum, which was very ironic. Conway was able to enter the building without setting off the alarms. He saw Sly talking to his wife on his phone, he waited for the right chances to get the gem Sly was guarding that night so his little brother could chase him. When that opportunity was right Conway gets the gem and sly begins to chase him up to the roof of the building. When he showed Sly that it was him, Sly was speechless that his big brother was alive. Conway told Sly he had to just see him one more time, talk to him face to face before he went through with his plan. Teary eyed, Sly tried to talk his brother out of killing them remaining five members and himself. But before he knew it, Conway had knocked Sly out.
For months Sly was on a big man hunt to track down his brother, he also had to hide that he was doing that from his wife. Sly got word Conway had made his way to china, to kill the Panda King. Sly was able to arrive their right as Conway and Panda King begun their fight. Conway was trying to kill King with Silver cane that belonged to their mother. But before Conway could hit King with the final blow, Sly tackles his brother to the ground. As the two brothers fought for a while, Conway pulls out a pistol. He was aiming to blow Panda’s brains out. But before he could pull the trigger, the voices and images started to attack Conway once again. Conway couldn’t take it anymore, he turns the gun to himself; he was going to kill himself. Sly was able to knock the gun out of his brother’s hand and braces him with a hard hug. The two brothers started to cry in each others arms. Sly begged his brother to not kill himself, Conway said he has nothing to live for. Sly told him that life had a lot to offer Conway, Conway still had a lot to live for. He still has never met his nephew and nieces. After awhile of talking, Conway turns himself in to his brother.
Sly made an offer to Interpol, have Conway live with him and his family under house arrest and not go to jail, he promised he could get Conway on the right track. It took awhile but Interpol would allow it. When Carmelita found out about this, she was very worried for many reason. Sly had remember he had a brother, could he remember that he was a thief? Conway was suicidal, what if he try to kill himself in front of the kids? But soon Carmelita allowed Conway to live with them, though she would keep a eye on him.
The First night Conway lived with Sly and his family, was the best night he has had in years. He got to meet his sister-in-law, though she kind of cold at first with him. His nieces and nephews, he broke down crying when he saw them, and he had his first warm bath in over 17 years.
A few months living with his brother, the voices and images stop which was good but Conway became very lonely. Conway believed he would never find someone to call his love. However on Christmas day Conway met a wolf girl by the name of Serena who worked at Interpol as a rookie. She was helping Barkley hand out Christmas gifts to every Interpol agent. When they went to the Cooper household and as soon as Conway saw her, he feel in love. Sly saw this and was able to get his brother to ask Serena out on a date; she said yes.
After that first date, it was clear Conway and Serena where in love. After a few months of dating, Conway asked Serena to marry him. After she said yes, the two of them made love for the first time, which got Serena pregnant. 9 months later Conway and Serena wed and a day later, the two of them welcome their son Gabriel Cooper into the World.

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Conway Cooper (Not Finished yet)  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Conway Cooper (Not Finished yet)    Conway Cooper (Not Finished yet)  Empty2/20/2013, 8:27 pm

Updated ^^
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Conway Cooper (Not Finished yet)
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