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 Jenti the Ninja Raccoon

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PostSubject: Jenti the Ninja Raccoon   2/20/2013, 1:44 am

RP Status: [Available]
Name: Jenti Sukimoto
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Raccoon
Time Period: Feudal Japan ( Same time period as Rioichi Cooper)
Gang: Is not part of one as she is merely her village's defender/thief. Joins Rioichi along with a select few warrior thieves.
Weapon(s): Dual Short Swords (Katanas)
Occupation: Thief and protector of her small village.
Hobbies: Practicing ninjitsu, practicing thief moves, leaping through trees.
Likes: Ninjitsu, stealing, miso ramen, Noh theatre.
Dislikes: Wasabi, being outwitted, being chided by her grandmother.

Abilities: Speed, dual swordplay, leaping incredible distances, hiding, vanishing, pickpocketing.

Personality: Bold, independent, stubborn, overconfident.

Background: Parents died when she was three. Her grandmother (the village elder) raised her and taught her secret ninja arts in hopes she would be like her father and defened the village. Did not become a thief until the greedy emperor and nobles made her village dirt poor robbing it of its resources.

Quote: "The way of the ninja is: patience, stealth, speed...and ramen!


Some story details: In a tiny farming village, Jenti's parents were killed by bandits when she was three. Her grandmother raised her and taught her the family art of ninjitsu. Jenti promised her grandmother she would defend the village with her life and for the past years has done very well in doing so. But the years went on and suddenly a darkness enveloped Japan. The emperor and the greedy nobels started pillaging and plundering the land. Against the emperor's armies alone Jenti was no match. So she was helpless as they raided her village and turned it into a dirt poor ruin.

She then decided to use her ninjitsu to become a thief. She often stole from other nobels and the Emperor's armies and would often keep what she found to sell to raise money for her village. But she found herself being outdone each year by another thief: a Cooper! Rioichi Cooper's thieving was very much above hers and this infuriated and frustrated her. Each day she disciplined herself to become a better ninja: until one day she decided to test her new founded abilties by stealing from Rioichi himself.

It nearly worked. But eventually Rioichi caught her and her grandmother ordered her to return what he had stolen. Her dislike of Rioichi grew even more: until he saw the plight of her village and understood why she became a thief. As it turned out: Rioichi was on a quest to help end the plight of Japan. Four elemental orbs were scattered throughout the Pacific rim of Japan and China. Legend has it that owning all four orbs would bring peace and prosperity to the land where all four would join. But each one was in a different place: and guarded by four very protective owners.

Jenti's grandmother encouraged her to go with Rioichi to help him find these orbs. Not just as an apology for hindering him on his quest: but also so she could hone her abilities as well. Reluctantly she joins Rioichi: but it may be only a matter of time that she may eventually warm up to him as they travel together to obtain the orbs.
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PostSubject: Re: Jenti the Ninja Raccoon   2/20/2013, 6:21 pm

Sounds like a good story!~~ Do you hope to write it or draw it anytime soon! I'm really enjoying the idea.

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PostSubject: Re: Jenti the Ninja Raccoon   2/21/2013, 2:32 am

oOMeroChanOo wrote:
Sounds like a good story!~~ Do you hope to write it or draw it anytime soon! I'm really enjoying the idea.

The idea to turn this into a comic or story has buzzed in my head for years. Jent iwas made all the way back in 2003!!!
So I am currently trying to formulate it and I am sure more ideas will flow into my head once I play sly 4.
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PostSubject: Re: Jenti the Ninja Raccoon   

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Jenti the Ninja Raccoon
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