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PostSubject: Greetings.   Greetings. Empty2/18/2013, 10:25 pm

Hello. I'm Verbitten and I've been a fan of the Sly Cooper series since I was a child. I've played and completed all the games, but never 100%'d any of them. Always horrible at that. Tennessee is my favourite ancestor but my favourite character is Sly. I play several other games as well, such as Minecraft or Fallout.

I may appear to be a very serious person somehow, but I'm not. At all. Feel free to talk to me. I'm a lurker but I'll probably still will be online a lot. I rarely RP. Also, I like making graphics.

I came from Tumblr. Same name there.
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PostSubject: Re: Greetings.   Greetings. Empty2/18/2013, 10:30 pm

Oh I loved your Tennessee graphics~ You should post them in the fandom part of the forum!

Welcome to the Cooper vault. I'm happy to see another TK fan! I hope you enjoy your time on here and looking forward to your future posts~

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